Total wellness to assist you with living the best life that you can.

Are you lacking in energy? Feeling run down or lacking purpose? Would you like to be fitter or feel healthier? Do you want to live your life happier and be more positive? I offer individual and group wellness coaching, fitness classes and workshops.


Welcome to my site!

If you are looking for help with empowering yourself to improve your quality of life then please have a look at what I can offer to you.  My belief is that we all have the knowledge and ability to live our life with happiness and fulfillment, sometimes we just need a guiding hand, and that is what I reach out to you.

Whether it be the mind, body, or the soul (and of course we can work on all three at once) that you are wanting to nourish I have something for you.

  • Fitness Classes
  • Mindfulness & Well-being
  • Individual Coaching (Fitness, Mindfulness, Well Being, Life)
  • Group / Team Coaching (Fitness, Professional, Team Building, Friends & Family)

Please feel free to contact me with any queries or take a look at my Gallery, Blog or Facebook page  to get a feel for what we do.



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